4 Fantastic Ways on How to Update Your Living Room

Your living room is the brains of your home, a space that serves various functions, from welcoming your guests, entertaining them, and harmonizing your family. However, it reaches a time where the lustre on it fades, and it feels stale and out of date!

At this point, you need a style changer, an update, and so to speak, some DIYs can take your living room to the next level without budget strain.

So, what are the ways of updating your living room?

Rearrange your living room

Relocation of furniture can create space. However, when re-planning the living room, it’s imperative to open your eyes. Consider fitting different sized furniture in the created space. At times laying off an out-of-work door or moving your doorway also creates furniture layout possibilities for your room.

Should your space also be small, considering the TV stand relocation will be a wise turn. In such cases, your space is limited to the layout that only favours TV corner stand. Therefore, integrating your TV in a corner unit that contains shelves and storage will create more space.

Still, with the new outlook, you can replace your horizontal radiator with a vertical one. Assuming you are up redecoration, rearrangement can revitalize your living room.

Swap your throw pillows

As one of the easiest ways to update your living room, pillows have the power to infuse your look with style, resplendency, and personality. It integrates your room with trendy looks. When pillow swapping, try mixing patterns and textures on single colour pillows to match your furniture. Still, you have to include a wide range of sizes to suit the cosy notion.

Go green

Having house plants in your living room will make a stylish impact. It will add life to the current design; more so, they work with any aesthetic since they allow multiple décor options. You can artfully arrange them on tables, make the hang on windows or mount them on wall stands.

Use statement walls

Updating your living room wall does not mean that you have to paint them. However, if your budget is considerate, it can be a good option too. On the other hand, there are budget-friendly options for reorganizing your wall. You can decide to use.

  • A textured wall covering
  • Designed stencils (small)
  • Picture paintings and inspirational appraisals
  • Decorated walls with geometrical silhouettes.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, living room update is all about improvisation and using all the resources you have at your disposal. Doing redevelopments like furniture rearrangement, indoor green plants, and pillow swapping is all it takes.

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Cosy Reading Nook Ideas

If you have and extra space in your home, consider designing a reading nook for yourself. The nook can also serve as a perfect space for extended calls with business partners if you work from home or with family and faraway friends. Not only that, the nook can serve as a chilling spot where you can relax as you listen to your favourite music or hide out from your kids when you need some time alone away from the kids.

Whether your taste is sophisticated, funky, fun, or serene, you may consider the following reading nook ideas that may motivate you to design a cosy space from that extra space that you usually overlook.

Enjoy the sun in a curved-out reading

If your house has a bay window, you can place a cushioned window bench and some accessories such as throw pillows to create a fantastic space to gaze out of the window at the countryside and the sunny yard or curl up with a book. You can design the bench to have its storage and some shelves to stow the book until the next time.

Retreat in a charming closet-converted-room

In case you have a closet placed under the staircase that you usually do not utilize, you can create a perfect child-sized space. You may install a bench where you can store your picture books, and the new space can also serve as a fort to take a well-deserved nap away from the chaos of family life.

Hibernate in a massive birdcage haven

If you have a hanging “birdcage” chair that can create enough space for you, you can make use of it and create a space where you can sway gently as you read your favourite book by the window. You may also add some dark blue paint on the walls to create a tranquil atmosphere. Add some accessories such as a throw and fleece or pillow to give your nook some creative and vintage feel.

Chill in a homey cabin

Maybe your room doesn’t have a full daybed, but you can improvise a space to rest your feet. If your log house has a spacious window seat, you may consider space where you stretch out as you turn the pages of your favourite book. You may also designate a space by the fireside to create a charming reading spot where you can chill as you take in the fire.

Need more ideas? Take a look at Tylko’s guide!

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Boho Interior Designing Styles

Bohemian designing style is a personal and exotic method that one uses to decorate their living spaces. The Bohemian decorating style is not bound by any rules. As such, a home owner applies the furnishing techniques that they think make their houses look appealing. Boho rooms always experience the use of wide-range of ideas, thus they are always different in some aspect. Bohemian lifestyle is used by people such as writers, actors and consistent travelers. The most distinctive factor in all Bohemian homes is that they use bright color patterns, mirrors and metallic objects to decorate their houses.

The most effective Bohemian house decorating styles include:

  • Ensure Excellent Lighting

Bohemians always ensure that their homes accesses maximum natural light. Thus, Boho houses have a large window which maximizes the light entering a house. This helps to brighten up their houses and make them gain a touch of decency and gain a relaxing effect. Similarly, you can install multiple lanterns and glass lamps to bring artificial light to be used mostly during the night. Moreover, you can mount a large mirror in your living room to increase the intensity of light entering your house. If you are looking the best Boho technique kindly ensure your house has adequate lighting.

    • Add Flowers or Greenery Plants

Flowers and green plants always bring a sense of freshness in a home. These plants ensure free-flow of air in your house. Therefore, adding such plants in your house elicits a comfy and luxurious feeling in a house. Additionally, you can bring the fern plant to your living space since it massively helps to improve the air quality of such a room.

  • Use the Right Furniture

Bohemian lifestyle allows you to use cheap and affordable furniture to change the décor in your home. You can refurbish your old pieces of furniture for them to look attractive and beautiful. Moreover, you should invest in well-woven couches and pillows to create a comfortable feeling to all your visitors. Also, you should purchase carpets and floor pillows of saturated colours to produce a Boho vibe. Lastly, filling your living room with such items of saturated colours helps to bring warmth mostly during the winter seasons.

  • Use Your Best Colours

You should always use your best-loved colours to decorate your house. Most bohemians use earthly and bright colour patterns to decorate their living spaces. Finding the perfect colour effect to use for all your furniture and accessories in the house makes your house look adorable.

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